Q– I’m new to video, I don’t even know where to start?

Many of our clients are first timers. Just Call or Email us, and we’ll answer any of your questions, and help you get on target for your first video production with us. We make it easy!

Q- Do I have to come to your studio to have a production shot?

No, many times we can shoot at a specific location, and quite often at your place of business.

Q- How long does it take to complete a video production?


It really depends on what we are shooting and where. A good average is about two weeks from shooting completion, give or take a few days for any bad weather, and re-scheduling.

Q- Can I use my video production on cable TV and the Internet?

Yes, we can provide you with any number of video formats for both cable TV and the internet.

Q- How long should my video production be?

Your video production does not have to be long, especially on the internet, a lot can be said in a short time, 1-3 minutes is the average length.

Q- Can my video production be done in HD (High Definition)?

Yes, there are two flavors of HD, one size is 1280X720, somtimes called HD Light. The other is 1920X1080 called Full HD. Our video gear can produce either one.