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Did you know: that the videos watched on Facebook each day would total 150 years? That’s an enormous amount of video! When it comes to the real estate market, video marketing is the most powerful tool available to you. Why? Here are just a few reasons:


X_BulletVideo draws traffic to your website


X_BulletYou can let your audience get to know your team


X_BulletCreate videos of testimonials from satisfied clients


X_BulletProvide a “walk-through” tour of the homes your company lists


X_BulletCreate how-to videos for property owners who want to use your property management company to rent their houses or condos


Take a Tour Below!

OFV_Osprey_THumbnailOFV_CordellThumbWhen it comes to still pictures vs. video, most people would much rather see moving video. Now, you can have beautiful, moving video tours of the home, giving the viewer the feeling of walking through the home, room to room, and getting a feel of the space. Our videos will span the entire scope of the room. Videos from VideoXFactor are shot beautifully not only spanning from the bottom to the top of the room, but also the entire area of the space.

Why not update your listings with individual video tours of homes! Get more commissions by using this vital tool in your real estate marketing. Pull the viewer in and make them want to be in that property, and allow video to advertise your homes and condos in the best possible light! Technology is always moving, so be sure and stay in the game by letting VideoXFactor help get your properties noticed by thousands of potential clients. Video now ranks your web-site up to 5x faster than text! Enhance your web-site, keep your viewers attention and help make their decision easyier. Call us for your Estimate!

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